Counselling sessions

60  to 90 minutes

(We might also work with Brainspotting, Sophrology, Inner child regression, Cleansing energy) 

Single session £65.00 

Single session $120  (Canadian Dollar)

Regular session - 10% discount 

Past Life Regression Therapy

1 hour to 2 1/2 hours

(We might also work with Inner child regression, body therapy, current life regression and cleansing energy) 

Single session £150

Regular session £100

Single session $250  (Canadian Dollar)

Regular session $175

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Single session £85 

3 session package £230

5 session package £360

Anxiety/ Stress management/ Phobia/ Panic attack/ Night terror/ Insomnia Treatment

3 to 5  session package £230/  £360

Smoke Cessation Treatment

3 session package £230

Weight loss Treatment

5 session package £360

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Single session $120  (Canadian Dollar) 

3 session package $300

5 session package $550

Anxiety/ Stress management/ Phobia/ Panic attack/ Night terror/ Insomnia Treatment

3 to 5 session package $300/$550

Smoke Cessation Treatment

3 session package $300

Weight loss Treatment

5 session package $550


Payments can be done in person, E-transfer (Canada only), or deposit.  Details will be sent by email.


All missed or cancelled sessions without 48 hours notice will be charged 

Many extended health plans will reimburse counselling. I recommend that clients look into their extended health plans as coverage varies between plans and providers. 


Registered Therapeutic Counsellor - R.T.C 
Registered Member - ACCT, MBACP, BCCH, HTAC


PHONE : 44 07703 167471
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