I provide a free, 15-minute phone consultation or in-person for new clients to answer any questions about what to expect in the sessions. 


Counselling sessions 

£65.00 for 90 minutes 

Past Life Regression Therapy

£150 for 2 hours and 30 minutes 

Clinical Hypnotherapy

£50 for 60 minutes 


Healing Touch Therapy

£35 for 60 minutes 


Energy Cleansing 

£50 for 60 minutes 


Payments can be done in person, E-transfer (Canada only), or deposit.  Details will be sent by email.


All missed or cancelled sessions without 48 hours notice will be charged 

Many extended health plans will reimburse counselling. I recommend that clients look into their extended health plans as coverage varies between plans and providers. 


Healing is the end of the conflict with yourself 

by Stephanie Gailing