Dr. Peter Mack

A contribution by medical members of the Medical Advance and Research using regression 

Dr. Peter Mack

The transformational journey of a young patient using regression therapy

Andy Tomlinson 

A book for spiritual development and a fascinating story talking about what happens to souls in between lives lived on earth

Allan Kardec 

The first scientific work is done by Allan Kardec and mediums to prove the existence of the spirit. The book was published in 1857 in Paris. Today is the most known book studied in Brazil. Kardec wrote more four books: The medium books, Genesis, Gospel at home, Heaven and Hell


Dr. Terence Palmer

The science of spirit possession, attachment, the negative impact of obsession, infestation and harassment on psychological health

Dr. Brain Weiss

A highly respected psychiatrist from the mainstream of the medical establishment working with a client that tells her story in her many existences and the vision she revealed of the human mind and soul



Astral City

Director Wagner de Assis

A remarkable story of a doctor (Renato Prieto), a disincarnate spirit going through a journey into the spiritual colony where he learns about the afterlife. 

Psychographed by Chico Xavier

a philanthropist and spiritist medium who wrote 490 books about the afterlife, reincarnation, spirits and several thousand letters from dead people to their families telling them that there was no need to worry, that they were safe and happy.  


Director Wagner de Assis

Tell the story of Allan Kardec from his days as an educator to his contribution to the spiritist codification and his journey to show Parisian society and churches about the existence of the spirit afterlife.